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Research and School Improvement

The Office of Research, Planning, Evaluation and School Improvement manages the student information and data systems, coordinates the district, state and college readiness testing, manages local and state accountability measures, conducts research and evaluation studies and processes requests to do research within the district.

Our mission is to work collaboratively to support all stakeholders by collecting, maintaining, and reporting accurate data, facilitating testing, and using current technology in order to provide useful and timely information and support toward positive student outcomes and achievement. 

Our vision is to provide a dynamic data and online testing system and work collaboratively with all departments to connect teachers, students, parents, and other stakeholders with timely data, information, training and resources.

  • Demographic and Performance Data:  Data on California’s schools and districts can be found at:  Data QuestEd-Data, or CA Dashboard.  In addition, data aligned to the District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) can be found at Local Control Accountability Plan.
  • Request for Data:  If you are a current district employee who wishes to request data not currently available on LROIX, please click on the LROIX application “Research Data Request” and follow the corresponding steps.  If you are outside the district, a public records request can be placed through our Public Request Center.
  • Request to Conduct a Research Study: The Long Beach Unified School District has been a pioneer in the approval of large numbers of Applications to Conduct Research in the past because we believe research will ultimately improve our practices.
  • Further inquiries may be directed to:

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Research and School Improvement - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Dr. Verónica Madrigal (562) 997-8226 Director
Research and School Improvement

Research and School Improvement - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Veronica Plascencia (562) 997-8226 Executive Secretary
Research and School Improvement

Research - Testing Team

Federal, State and District Assessments
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Kevin Shillito (562) 997-8656  Educational Research Analyst II
Vacant (562) 997-8426  Educational Research Analyst I
Rosamartha Llamas (562) 997-8654  Associate Research Analyst
Rosalind Washington (562) 997-8224  Testing Materials Supervisor
- Office, Warehouse
- CELDT/ELPAC Score Requests - Must Include:
    • Student First and Last Name
    • State ID Number (SSID)
    • Previous 菠菜网lol正规平台 School of Attendance

Research - Data Team

Research and Data Requests, LROIX Reports, Accountability Reports, Research Projects, Surveys
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Hemina Lilani (562) 997- 8655  Educational Research Analyst II
Daro Huot (562) 997-8228 Educational Research Analyst I
Matt Reichardt (562) 997-8278  Educational Research Analyst I
Vacant (562) 997-8413  Associate Research Analyst
Catherine Wilkerson (562) 997-8463  Associate Research Analyst
Jodi Fender, Ph.D. (562) 997-8227  Strategic Data Project Analyst
Jason Thompson (562) 997-8271  Strategic Data Project Analyst

Research - Student Data Systems Team

Student Information and Data Systems, Synergy Support, LROIX Support, TeacherVUE, ParentVUE, StudentVUE
Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Vanessa Barajas (562) 997-8413 Student Data Systems Coordinator
Kenna Kirk (562) 997-8277 Student Data Systems Coordinator
Amy Clements-Feeman (562) 997-8694 Associate Research Information Systems Analyst
Christina Johnston (562) 997-8223 Student Data Systems Specialist
Evelyn Uribe (562) 997-8471 Student Data Systems Specialist
Sharon Dade (562) 997-8079 School Data Tech
Marin Loeun (562) 997-8631 School Data Tech
Natalie Ramirez (562) 997-8120 School Data Tech
Andrea Swanson (562) 997-8043 School Data Tech

Research - Educational Technology Team - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Vanitha Chandrasekhar (562) 997-8309 Educational Technology Coordinator
Javier Santiago (562) 997-8084 Educational Technology Coach
Elisa Van (562) 997-8693 Learning Management Systems Coach
Monica Santiesteban (562) 997-8031 Learning Management Systems Coach

School Accountability Report Cards 

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
George Tsai (562) 997-8456 Assistant Director