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 Curriculum - Career Pathways Office - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Carrie Wiley (562) 997- 8000 ext 2900 Program Administrator
Carol Guitierrez-Ortega (562) 997-8000 x 2900 Program Administrator - Course Management
Mikle McBride (562) 997-8000 x 2900 Assistant Director - Workforce Readiness
Renee Shipman (562) 997-8000 x 2900 Assistant Director - Pathway Development
Elizabeth Turner (562) 997-8000 x 2900 Program Specialist AP/AVID/Dual Enrollment

Career Pathways Office - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Mariam Albers (562) 997-8000 x 2904
(562) 427-9076 Fax
CTE Coach
Monica Chambliss (562) 997-8000 x2904
(562) 427-9076 Fax
Senior Office Assistant
Christopher Clifton (562) 997-8000 x2904
(562) 427-9076 Fax
Career Education Support Services Manager/Perkins Secondary Coordinator
Kim Irons (562) 997-8000 x2904 Program Facilitator College and Career Readiness
Jennifer Nolan (562) 997-8000 x 2900 PLTW Coach
Linked Learning Student


Preparing students for all options after graduation (apprenticeship, community college including technical programs, military, 4-year college or university, or entering the workforce) through high-quality pathway experiences.

Linked Learning Presentation


High quality certified pathways that will engage students to pursue their post-secondary goals



What is the Linked Learning Approach?

Linked Learning is a proven approach to education that combines college-focused academics, work-based learning and integrated student supports. By centering high school around industry themes, learning becomes relevant. Students graduate with the skills and confidence to succeed in college, career and life.

Linked Learning Approach

Students learn through a pathway connected to a local industry sector.

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Each Pathway is grounded in a set of four guiding principles.

  • Rigorous academics, aligned to admissions requirements for state colleges and universities.
  • Career technical education, delivering concrete knowledge and skills through a carefully structured sequence of courses.
  • Work-based learning, providing students with exposure to real-world workplaces through guest speakers,  job shadowing, mentorships, internships, and more.
  • Integrated Student Support services, including counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and math to address the individual needs.

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Graduate Portrait

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Linked Learning makes a difference

Increased graduation and decreased dropout rates
More credits earned, including A-G credits
Greater success skills, including communication, collaboration, and self-management
Strongest effects for students who entered high school with low achievement
Pathway quality matters


Linked Learning Alliance Student Outcomes

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